A show for designers, by designers
May 16-17, 2024 Metropolitan Pavilion NYC

A Show Where Creativity Meets Collaboration

Step beyond the familiar into a show of diverse creativity and innovation at DesignBLOC.Here, the world's leading studios unite to unveil the newest trends in surface design.Discover a landscape of inspiration at every corner, opening doors to endless possibilities for your upcoming product development projects.

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35 Studios

AM Creative Designs (UK)
Art Cottage (UK)
Artwork Portfolio (UK)
Art House Design (NL)
Ashby Studios (UK)
Atelier Mineeda Co (JP)
Banafshe Schippel Ltd (UK)
Brenda Manley Designs (US)
Colwill & Waud (UK)
Creativo Design Studio (US)
Davina Nathan Design (CA)
Diane Harrison (ES)
Dominika Godette Illustration (US)
Elizabeth Stirling Designs (UK)
Elka Studio Design (FR)
Group Four Design (US)
Inspire Art Licensing (UK)
Jane Mosse (UK)


Jill McDonald Design (US)
Lauren Wan (US)
LCBradford Art & Design (US)
London Portfolio (US)
Lylove Studio (US)
R BY Design (US)
Rachel Child Designs (UK)
Studio 1987 (US)
Studio 2 (US)
Studio Sette (IT)
Tana Bana Design (US)
TrendVision (US)
Union Square Art Collective Studio (US)
Urban Daisies (US)
Yuno Design Studio (KR)
Zirkus Design (US)
ZOE JO Studio (US)

More Creativity.
More Connections.
More Collaboration.

Don't let the fear of missing out on latest trends hold you back. DesignBLOC is your front-row seat to the future, a curated experience where you can see, touch, and feel the upcoming prints and trends set to define the industry.This is more than an event—it's a catalyst for your next best-selling product line.

Metropolitan Pavilion

Positioned at a convenient location, we bring the pulse of global creativity directly to you, ensuring you're always ahead.110 W 19th Street
Between 6th & 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Show Hours

Thursday & Friday May 16-17
10am - 6pm


Join us at the Metropolitan Pavilion on May 16-17 for an exclusive look at the latest trends and connect with top-tier studios. It's free to sign up!


Showcase your studio's latest designs and connect with buyers. Secure your booth today and position your studio at the forefront of the surface design industry!

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